The year we were founded


Number of members throughout most regions of Quebec


Number of car dealerships in Quebec whose employees are members of SNEGQ


Higher income compared to that of non-union workers

36-hour week

spread over four days for more than 1,000 of our members

Over $300 million

Members’ supplemental pension plan assets, administered by SNEGQ

The SNEGQ difference

THE Quebec trade union for workers in the automotive services sector.

An attractive supplemental
pension plan

The only defined benefit pension plan offered to employees of small and medium-sized businesses in the automotive services sector. You can sleep well at night : you know exactly how much you will have in retirement.

A comprehensive insurance plan –
just for us

Our insurance covers the specific needs of our members and supplements CNESST’s benefits.

At work, we’re with you 100%

Whether it’s workplace health and safety, during a labour dispute, to negotiate better quality of life or a higher salary, we are there for you ! Our experts know the industry and do everything they can to help you.

SNEGQ keeps its members informed : union activities, meetings, news, events and information that affects the lives of its members.

Do you have suggestions for improvements ? Looking for new services ? Feel free to share your comments and suggestions with me.