We negotiate for our members the best working conditions in the industry, including pension plans and group insurance

$1/4 billion

Defined benefit pension plan assets for members of SNEGQ.


Higher incomes compared to non-union workers.

Freedom 55 !

Early retirement at age 55 and retirement without penalty at age 60.


Assistance with representation of a case file for the purpose of compensation and access to an expert at a hearing before the CNESST or before an arbitration board costs a member nothing.

Here are a few examples of what our union advisors do :

  • Our goal : To have the automotive services industry recognized as a priority sector and to protect the rights of garage employees.

  • They take part in negotiations and make sure the collective agreement is respected.

  • They offer information and support regarding group insurance offered by the union.

  • Union advisors visit facilities regularly.
    They meet with workers and the employer to ensure that the facilities are safe.
    They make sure that an employee’s return to work is progressive and that adjustments have been made so the worker is not injured again.

  • They can also recognize a dangerous situation.

  • They will bring in an inspector, if needed.

  • SNEGQ and its advisors offer assistance with representation and file preparation to seek the necessary expertise for the purpose of compensation.

Denis Couture, Conseiller, Québec | SNEGQ

« The role of a SNEGQ union advisor is to address issues requested by the union, for both members and employers. Whether it is a question of complaints about lack of compliance with working conditions, or the need for urgent action following a workplace injury, SNEGQ, through the sustained actions of its advisors, ensures its members that they will get a full and complete defence of their rights. »

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