Discover the benefits of joining a union if you work in the automotive services sector in Quebec as a mechanic or a garage employee

Why join the union
10 reasons to join the SNEGQ

Better salaries
1 Salaries and benefits up to 25% higher than those of non-union workers.
2 Equivalent salaries based on competency cards issued by the parity committees of Quebec’s automotive services industry.
3 Respect for seniority at all times
Work–life balance
4 A 36-hour week spread over four days for 1,000 of our members.
Financial security
5 A defined benefits pension plan with a guaranteed pension, entirely administered by the union. “The only one for the automotive services industry in Quebec.” Assets of ¼ billion in 2016
6 Group insurance plans entirely administered by the union for the members’ benefit.

Members can choose from several group insurance plans : individual, family, single parent (exemption is also possible).

Various types of protection are available.

  • Health insurance and prescription insurance ;
  • Dental insurance ;
  • Life insurance ;
  • Income protection insurance – short term and long term (to age 65)

Financial support for members injured on the job or who have a work-related disease by paying, for them, the full cost of medical expertise and expert witnesses when there is a dispute before the CNESST. These costs can add up to several thousand dollars.

Workplace health and safety
7 Workplace health and safety laws protect all members. SNEGQ members also benefit from
  • a team of experts to assert their rights, support them and represent them if there is a dispute ;
  • regional advisors on the ground
  • tools and prevention tips specific to the automotive services industry and a simple process to follow in case of injury or accident ;
  • the best resources (financial and legal) to carry out all the steps, without giving up your case due to lack of funds. We maintain your salary and pay for witnesses and medical experts who will come and help you when there is a workplace health and safety hearing or during arbitration for a grievance.
Protected salaries
8 During a labour dispute, when a new group joins the union, our members can get up to 100% of their salary.
9 During a hearing before the CNESST or an arbitration board, the salary of the member and the witnesses is paid by the union. Experts cost a member nothing.
10 SNEGQ is, since 1937, the largest union of Quebec workers
in the automotive services industry.

100 % confidential

SNEGQ makes sure that the unionizing process is completely confidential. SNEGQ also ensures that any contact with a worker who wishes to join the union is kept confidential, as well as his or her membership in the union, where necessary.
In accordance with art 36.1 of the Quebec Labour Code.

How to join a union ?

Initial contact with workers during the recruitment of a new group involves four (4) steps.

  • Make contact by phone or email. (hyperlink pour contact)
  • Meet in person outside the workplace, in a private location of the worker’s choice.
  • Meet with the workers to review the working conditions and, if applicable, the merits of unionizing (seniority, salary, group insurance, pension plan, occupation or trade, etc.)
  • Discussion about working conditions to be negotiated by the union with the employer.

Questions and answers

Since 1937, SNEGQ has been standing up for the rights and working conditions of employees in the automotive services industry, which means that today, the members of SNEGQ enjoy the most favourable working conditions in the industry.

The working conditions are the same as those of members who have already joined a union with SNEGQ. The working conditions of SNEGQ members are the best in the automotive services industry.

The Quebec Labour Code protects workers in this respect. In the event of a dismissal, SNEGQ and the CSD will represent the member before the parties involved, using top labour lawyers. During the entire process, the salary is paid at 100%.

The fixed, tax-deductible amount is voted on and set democratically by the members of SNEGQ.

  • Dues don’t leave Quebec
  • Dues are used to defend workers’ rights, among other things, through the services that the staff and advisors provide to members
  • SNEGQ belongs to members : they are the owners, and so they have access to the union’s financial statements

SNEGQ’s expertise in labour relations in the automotive services industry is second to none. It has negotiated, to date, the most favourable collective agreements for its members. In joining SNEGQ, members are represented by experts who understand and are knowledgeable about the industry and its workers’ expectations.

SNEGQ can help you by talking to you about what you are experiencing and any problems you are having, and by telling you about the services you can receive.

With SNEGQ, you are not alone in standing up for your needs and your rights.

SNEGQ is strength in numbers and experience in negotiations and in finding solutions.

The representative is chosen democratically by the members in each car dealership every four (4) years.


Discover the other advantages of being a SNEGQ member

  • Salaries and benefits up to 25% higher than those of non-union employees in the automotive services industry
  • Our members enjoy the best work–life balance program available